For Sale By Owner


Colby Sambrotto, founder and former CEO of just successfully sold his 2,000 square foot New York condo for $150,000 over his original asking price. The ironic thing is that his self-listed condo had sat on the market, unsold, for about six months … until he broke down and hired New York broker Jesse Buckler.

There is a certain allure to selling your own property. Giving up 6% of your sale price for real estate commissions can seem hard to stomach. The hard truth of the matter though is that 80% of those who list their homes as “for sale by owner” eventually wind up listing their home with an agent (but only after several weeks or months of time wasted with their home on the market as FSBO). Those who do successfully sell their own homes  end up with less money in their pockets than those who use an agent. In fact there was a study done in 2007 that showed that FSBO sell for significantly less (up to 33%!) than homes listed with agents.

Hiring an agent to help you sell your home should be a no brainer. Our team deals with Southern Utah Real Estate  day in and day out.  Our team will do a home valuation your property.  We have access to real estate data for your neighborhood that will help us determine the perfect price point for your home, adjusted for upgrades and improvements you have made. As we have discussed before pricing your home right out of the gate will lead to it selling quickly and selling at the best possible price.

Hiring our team to help you sell your home is one of the best choices you can make. Real estate law is extensive and complex, and the contract for the sale of your home is legally binding. If your contract is written improperly it can wind up costing you time and money, or even potentially cause the sale to fall through.

There are dozens of reasons to seriously consider using an agent when selling your home. The sale of your home will likely be one of the most important financial transactions you will ever be involved with. The Frei Team can make the experience enjoyable and profitable.

The Frei Team offers unmatched service.  If you need to be further convinced that using our team to help you sell your home please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have. We look forward to working with you!

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