Fourth of July Dining and Enteraining

Red, white and blue lanterns take center stage in this table setting.
Every Fourth of July I love dining and entertaining into the evening hours. As the evening progresses, we head down to the harbor to watch the fireworks light up the Cape Cod sky. This year, I wanted to create garden lanterns that could decorate the table, provide ambient lighting, and be kid-friendly and versatile enough to take with us to the fireworks. On the last trip to the hardware store, I came up with this clever idea using ordinary items from the electrical and plumbing departments. You can choose to leave them plain or decorate them according to the season or holiday. You could also use your favorite vintage jars or old canning jars.


Replacement outdoor lighting globes, also called “jelly jars”
Stainless steel clamps
Stainless steel strapping
Large metal cutters or wire clippers
Scrapbook paper/vellum
Battery operated tea-lights
Enjoy the gallery below, where I share step-by-step directions on how to create and embellish these lanterns.

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