Why Prospecting Gets Your Utah Real Estate Sold

Why Prospecting Gets Your Utah Real Estate Sold

Marketing your Utah real estate for sale has a number of components. You’re probably familiar with for sale signs in front of houses, flyers and Internet marketing tactics. What you may not be familiar with is prospecting, which your agent does on behalf to get your home sold faster and for the highest price. After all, you don’t want your home sitting on the market, and you don’t want to wait for the right buyer to find you. A great agent knows this and they’ll put the time in to find the buyer for you.

Think of prospecting as a lead generation tool your agent uses to bring new people to your Utah home for sale. Rather than sitting around and waiting for people to drive past your home and see the for sale sign — or wait for someone browsing homes for sale online to pick your home out of thousands — the Blake Frei Team takes a proactive approach to sell your home faster.

Prospecting is a time-consuming task that requires your real estate agent hunting down leads on the phone. This strategy will have them calling everyone in their database, asking past clients if they know anyone searching for Utah real estate that matches your home.

As you can imagine, prospecting requires strong relationships with prior clients and the community as a whole. We don’t just cold call people who may or may not be interested; we’re contacting people who we already have a relationship with.

Every successful agent knows that referrals are the key. Buyers are more likely to find the agent they use to buy a home through a referral from a friend or family member, and 70% of buyers who used an agent referred to them will only contact one agent during their entire buying process. Compare this to the 50% of buyers who contact several agents after finding one through a newspaper or ad. What this means is buyers who are referred from past clients are more likely to be interested in your listing because they’ve been referred from someone they already trust.

Prospecting is just one of the many strategies the Blake Frei Team uses to help you sell a home in Utah quickly. We’ll put together a comprehensive marketing strategy for your home that includes professional photos, staging, online syndication and marketing to other agents so you don’t have to watch your listing go stagnant.

Contact the Blake Frei Team today to learn more about our marketing strategy and why prospecting is so effective!

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